About Us

Who Are We?


G4MA is a South African Esports organisation.

We specialize in managing competitive Esports teams, locally based cash-prize LAN events and online tournaments.

Our History:

 Established in late 2013, as a competitive Call of Duty team, made-up from a group of friends, G4MA was small and didn’t stand for much more than enjoying a video game. Since then we have disbanded and re-emerged several times, most notably in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare & WWII seasons. Maintaining our core values G4MA has only competed in Call of Duty titles, including: Black Ops 2, Infinite Warfare, WWII and now, Black Ops 4. Though we didn’t compete at the highest levels during our competitive seasons, our name and brand remained alive. G4MA has now seen exponential growth in 2018 and 2019, undergoing a full re-brand by owner Deon “CrE4TiON” Potgieter, hosting successful events, growing our social media reach, helping our esports community and establishing G4MA as an esports organisation.

What We Do.


Esports Teams:


G4MA currently has 5 players competing under its name in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Namely: Brandon “DreamZz” Sharp (Captain), Keegan “DRAGZ” Sharp, Mikhaiel “KronikZz” Omar, Calvin “Yondu” Armstrong, and Giorgios “Voguem” Rombolakis.

LAN Events & Online Tournaments:


G4MA has successfully hosted multiple cash-prize LAN events, in Partnership with Varsity College and NuMetro Gaming. Each event growing from the last. We’ve had sponsorship from Elite Gaming, and casting talent from Chantelle “Chani_ZA” Alexander – at our events.


G4MA has hosted online tournaments for Fortnite and Call of Duty in 2018 and 2019.

Our Goals.



We hope to see South African esports recognised on a global and international level, while creating a positive influence for all those involved in the industry. Esports can be more than a hobby, it can be a career.



We aim to help grow and strengthen our esports community by providing a brand and a platform which all those involved, will be able to use, in order to further themselves within the industry.



G4MA will ensure that we maintain good sportsmanship and a positive influence on our local community. We will do our best to help others grow, as we do. We will provide a platform where players can compete both on LAN and online, to further their skills as players, while providing entertainment for spectators and creating opportunities for brands, content creators, hosts, admins and players alike.